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It all makes sense now

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Tech journalists aren’t telling both sides of the #GamerGate #notyourshield story or even investigating it.

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When Daddy cuts my French toast for me. đź’•

Oh hey look it’s me!
I usually cut up kittens food but I always ask her just in case she ever wants to be a big girl. I love you lil britches mwuah


everything in this post childish af

sweet shirt though


today i learned that mountain lions meow and it sounds RIDICULOUS

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scruba dub dub theres a kitty in the tub 

if a time comes that I do not reblog this photo it will be because I am 6 feet underground 

Rare and mystical sight.

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Anonymous I'm a little behind on times but what happened to dany when they were doxxed?







They gave her information to her rapist so he could more easily stalk her. They basically kept tabs on her and informed him of wherever she was going. All for the crime of disagreeing with some SJWs who happened to be her friends at the time - or rather they pretended to still be her friends so they could keep feeding him information.

No one can fucking tell me these assholes aren’t dangerous, and fuck anyone who gives anyone else a hard time for remaining anonymous.


This disgusts me. What kind of people do that just cause they disagree with you?

This is what happens with the magic combination of self-righteousness and dehumanization most SJWs work from.


Yeah, basically. It’s one of the reasons I don’t have any personal information online anymore.

Eventually I’ll post a full account of what happened, but every time I try to type it up, I either get distracted, or terrified that the blogger who originally posted my info will find it and that shit will start over.


I don’t support doxxing just for bullying obviously, but why doesn’t someone ever dox them back? someone doing it back to them could actually turn them into the police for helping a freaking stalker/rapist and they would fully deserve it. SJWs do this creepy information-leaking all the time just for getting mad at someone online yet they never seem to have this happen to them themselves.

By the time I found out who was doing it, she’d blocked any contact with me, and eventually deleted her blog (she may be back now, I don’t know, I haven’t checked).

Had she not been online friends with someone I know offline, I don’t know if I would have ever found out about it. As it was, she bragged about it to our mutual friend, and they told me and helped me deal with it.

Last I heard, the blogger was arrested for posting someone else’s info and getting them assaulted, but I don’t know if there’s any truth to that, and I honestly don’t care.

I don’t think doxxing people back would solve anything, to be quite honest. It would just reinforce the hatred between people.


deedee this some nasty ass coffee i hate u so much but the pussy game ridiculous

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