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Protest. We’re going to have a protest.

The only way to get the answers we want and the only way to create a productive dialogue about these issues is to make our voices heard. In person.

PAX is coming up at the end of the month and all the big figures of gaming…

Zoe Quinn Deleted


Zoe Quinn, in an attempt to save face, deleted her Tumblr and rolled it back (or reposted everything) in order to hide the negative comments on her original post.

If you stand against her, the corruption in gaming journalism or the nepotism in gaming, you need to go BACK to her blog and repost…


Sorry, Zoe and her indie-drones, we’re not going to just let this “blow over”, 

This isn’t about you cheating on your boyfriend with Nathan Grayson, Robin Arnott, Joshua Boggs, Kyle Pulver, and Brandon McCartin, though infidelity is nothing to be admired. 

It’s about WHO THEY ARE. They were figures of authority, in a sense, and you used them to climb your way up the totem pole to get your game marketed. You openly admitted yourself that you didn’t even want to be a part of the video game industry,you instead wanted to “destabilize it” and “destroy the meritocracy” (that you took advantage of).

It’s actually funny that you think this will just “blow over”, you seem to be unaware of the permanence of these things on the internet, no matter how hard you and Boggs are trying to remove evidence of it. Every other forum is censoring this, but pretty much nothing gets deleted off of Tumblr. The information is out there, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. 

You fucked journalists for good game reviews. You fucked YOUR MARRIED BOSS for promotion. You set a negative example for every up-and-coming female game developer, and we have all the proof in the world that this information isn’t faked or falsified in any way. This isn’t about harassment, this isn’t about “slut-shaming”, it’s about exposing Kotaku’s corruption and total lack of journalistic integrity in the indie dev and social justice scenes once and for all. 


Jim delivers yet again, another blow to faux-feminism and it’s infestative, cancerous grip on the videogame industry

Zoe Quinn's Kotaku Staff Cheating Scandal (and how she sets back women in gaming)



As many of you now know, controversial Depression Quest developer Zoe Quinn has recently been outed for cheating on her boyfriend with five other guys, including her married boss Joshua Boggs: creator of FRAMED, Robin Arnott, and even Kotaku Writer Nathon Grayson, who vehemently defended her…

gingersrock42 Where did you get the cat in the pocket shirt???


dear tumblr user,

i think you have a lil case of mistaken identity !!

please direct your questions to the original source 

many meows,

unimpressed cats 



The fail is strong in this one.

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